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"Nope," I whisper as I exit out of a fic with no paragraph breaks.

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Orange is the New Black: Meet the inmates

       ↳ Gloria Mendoza

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She smiles. At me. Infinity passes. I’m blessed, I’m blessed, oh so blessed … 

And it’s not enough.

A moment of hubris. I want everything you have.


The Wicked and The Divine #02

mcu meme; 8 characters: Peggy Carter [3/8]

Come on! My grandmother has more life in her, God rest her soul.

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In the comics, every time you see an image of them, they’re always holding each other’s hand and looking over each other’s shoulder,” Olsen says. “They’re always so close, it’s almost uncomfortable. Aaron and I have been playing a little bit with those kinds of images just for ourselves.”…..
…Olsen and Taylor-Johnson were last seen together as a romantic couple in this summer’s Godzilla remake, and there’s a hint of uncomfortable closeness between the brother and sister. It’s a mainstream action film, so don’t expect any major taboos to be broken. But… there may be creepy little allusions

Mass Effect characters -  Aria T’Loak

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To everyone who says that they want more original Thor and not a female Thor - you’ve had original Thor since 1962. That’s 52 years of original Thor.

Also, superheroes change in comics all the time. Take Batman, Spider-Man & Cap for example. And I’m sure there’s a ton more.

I hate that just because Thor is going to be a female it’s suddenly an OUTRAGE. Yes, how TERRIBLE that there will be a “big 3” female superhero now so young girls can have representation when they read comics! *sarcasm*

Cry more. Seriously.

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”It took me 10 years to be ready for this. I’ve got a pretty good foundation of friends and family that will always keep me grounded no matter what. But I don’t think I would have been ready for it 10 years ago. So I’m really happy with the way it worked out. You need to learn how to do this. You need to learn how to keep your cool, learn how to be a leader on set, learn how to act. F—-, I still know I’ve got a ton to learn. It’s all a learning experience. I’m going to school every day.” [x]

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